The Fridley Farmers Market is set to return this June after a year-long hiatus.

Started by Emann Khalil in 2015, the Fridley Farmers Market was created to bring different cultures together and to open a window for communication. In 2018, Khalil was unable to manage the market alone – questioning the market’s future.  

This year, a group of women are dedicated to bringing it back.

“We are now a group of three women in the association and we are really trying to just build a new market for the community and surrounding area,” said Fridley Farmers Market Association member Tanya De La Riva-Blinova.

This year, the revamped market will also be geared towards women.

“We have a large focus on trying to support local women who have been wanting to develop or grow a business,” said De La Riva-Blinova.

Different from other local farmers market, De La Riva-Blinova also said that a the market will hopefully serve as a learning experience for customers.

“Yes, we want people to be able to buy local but I think it is also about building something as a community and getting to know the people behind the products,” she said. “We really want to also open it up as an inviting place. Come see the produce, test things and talk to the artisans.

The market will also incorporate fun events and entertainment throughout the summer.  

“We are going to have fire trucks one week so that should be fun,” said De La Riva-Blinova. “It is also kind of a way to hang out with your family and hopefully meet some new people. It not about just coming to get your stuff and leave.”

Vendors register already include a candle maker, baker, honey, herbs and more.

“We are still looking for vendors so if anyone is interested, I encourage them to contact us,” said De La Riva-Blinova.  

The 2019 market will run from June 15 to August 31 on Saturday’s from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Fridley Community Center, 6085 7th St. NE.

To register as a volunteer or to become a vendor, email Tanya De La Riva-Blinova at

“We are so excited to bring this market to the city of Fridley and to connect with our community members,” said De La Riva-Blinova.

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