Stepping Stone Emergency Housing in Anoka announced its community-led Waddle Off Your Gobble, a virtual 2-mile waddle (walk) during Thanksgiving weekend, November 25-28.

Stepping Stone supporters will be walking to help people in need of shelter and care this holiday season. Registration is $45 per person, similar to the cost of one night in a shelter for an individual.

Paul Moore, pastor of Chain of Lakes Church in Blaine, reached out to Stepping Stone’s executive director, Julie Jeppson, when he saw there were extra costs associated with their efforts to social distance and keep their residents healthy.

“We needed a fundraiser to support Stepping Stone as they recover from their own COVID crisis,” Moore said in a statement. “They are an important part of the fabric of the community, and this walk is a way to share appreciation for them.”

Moore decided to then reach out to other members of the community and organize a walk to raise funds.

One of those community members was Bradley Hunt, financial advisor with Thrivent.

“People find a lot of joy and excitement during this time of year, but the holidays can be difficult for many, as well,” Hunt said. “I love that Stepping Stone is doing whatever it takes to provide shelter for those in need, while offering programs and services focused on creating self-sufficiency for their residents. At Thrivent, we are passionate about living out our Christian values, and the Waddle Off Your Gobble event gives us a fun opportunity to encourage our clients to engage with a meaningful cause.”

Funds raised will be used to provide a warm, safe place to sleep; meet basic needs, including three meals a day; and give access to Stepping Stone’s unique programming.

Stepping Stone Emergency Housing is a shelter for adults experiencing homelessness.

Learn more and register for the walk at

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