St. Francis High School had commencement exercises for its 105th graduating class Friday, May 31, in the school’s gymnasium.

Superintendent Troy Ferguson, a St. Francis alumnus, cited Mark Twain and told students to take chances because in 20 years they will be more disappointed by what they didn’t do than what they did.

He shared other borrowed nuggets of advice but said the most important was: “No matter your age, where you are or how busy you are, stop what you’re doing and call your mom on her birthday and on Mother’s Day.”

The first student speaker, Grace Menge, reminded classmates that people and memories matter more than things.

She quoted Winnie the Pooh saying, “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.”

Senior speaker Emma Saice held up a “wishing rock” and said that as freshmen she and her classmates might have wished for this day of graduation. And she said the time in high school taught lessons beyond the curriculum.

“Most importantly we learned to be diligent,” she said, adding that as students move on in life they’ll need to put in effort “because wishing on a rock won’t cut it.”

She encouraged graduates to “go out into the world, take a deep breath and get started on your wish.”

Graduates also heard from Principal Doug Austin, Assistant Principal Donnie Thompson and School Board Chair Jill Anderson.

The School District livestreamed the graduation ceremony, and the recording is available at bit.Ly/2XqBPx3.


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