Spring Lake Park School District residents voted in favor of renewing two levies and voted three board members into office.

Incumbents Tony Easter, of Spring Lake Park, and Amy Hennen, of Blaine, were both reelected to another term, while newcomer Sarah Bowe, of Blaine, was elected, beating Kelly Delfs, of Spring Lake Park.

According to unofficial results: Sarah Bowe received 1,297 votes or 26.17%; Tony Easter received 1,281 votes or 25.85%; Amy Hennen received 1,454 votes or 29.34%; Kelly Delfs received 876 votes or 17.68%; and 48 votes or .97% were write-ins.

“I am honored to serve the Spring Lake Park Schools community and I am excited to continue to work with our district staff on personalized learning for every student,” Hennen said in an email. “I look forward to working with my fellow Board members on being the best governing board we can be.”

“I am so excited to serve the students and teachers of Spring Lake Park,” Bowe said in an email. “I can’t wait to dig into the issues that affect our schools and community.”

“For my upcoming term, I am excited to work with the current board members and our newest member Sarah Bowe,” Easter said in an email. “For my next term, I look forward to working with the administration and teachers in building life-long learners and our future work force!”

Spring Lake Park School District voters also renewed two levies — the Levy for Learning and the Capital Projects Levy.

“I am grateful to be part of a community that sees the value of investing in our kids’ education,” Easter said. “Our residents displayed their passion for education by passing the levies which allows us to continue to drive our personalized learning, maintain class sizes and technology systems for our classrooms and security. Thank you to our residents for supporting our school district!”

The Levy for Learning was approved with 2,000 votes, or 80.84%, for yes and 474 votes, or 19.16%. for no.

The Levy for Learning is an operating levy that generates $1.28 million annually, or $193.98 per pupil.

The levy helps fund teachers and other educational support staff positions, classroom programming and other miscellaneous classroom expenses.

The Levy for Learning was first approved by voters in 2002 and renewed in 2011 and again this year.

The Capital Projects Levy was approved with 1,979 votes, or 79.899%, for yes and 495 votes, or 20.01% for no.The Capital Projects Levy, which was approved by voters in 2011, generates $1.325 million annually. The levy is 2.96% times the net tax capacity of the school district, which will provide approximately $1.325 million for taxes payable in 2020.

The Capital Projects Levy funds essential technology systems for classrooms and school operations such as the campus student information system, technology support staff and the district’s iPad program. The levy also funds safety and security systems in the district.

“Renewing our operating and capital levies is a crucial step in supporting the strengths and needs of every student in our district, as well as funding our technology and security systems, so I’m so very grateful for the backing of the Spring Lake Park School community,” Hennen said.

“I am thrilled with the outcome of the levy renewals,” Bowe said. “What a blessing to be a part of a community that values strong public education.”


This story has been updated to reflect updated numbers on the Secretary of State website.


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