Spring Lake Park High School’s spring musical, “Anything Goes,” is being honored with an honorable mention by the Hennepin Theater Trust Spotlight Musical Theatre Program.

The musical was recognized for overall production and performance and individuals for their exceptional achievement onstage.

“I thought the awards we got were pretty spot-on,” Spring Lake Park Theater Director Kevin Dutcher said.

A Hennepin Theatre Trust evaluator said this production of “Anything Goes” oozed hard work and dedication.

“This performance felt more like a victory lap and made for such an entertaining night,” the evaluator said. “Everyone in the cast understood their character and had all the tools they needed to succeed. I especially loved the use of the set, the energy of the cast and the communication between all techies. Bravo!”

Individual Awards:

• Abbi Tanner as Erma Latour – Outstanding Performance in a Supporting Role

• Anna Hutton as Hope Harcourt – Evaluator Shout-Out

• Cassidy Thompson as Reno Sweeney – Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role

• Ethan Strawn as Lord Evelyn Oakleigh – Evaluator Shout-Out

• Mason Payne as Billy Crocker – Honorable Mention for Performance in a Leading Role

• Stanley Putnam as Moonface Martin – Honorable Mention for Performance in a Leading Role

• Riley Kunz as Props Designer – Outstanding in Technical Leadership

“It was wonderful to have Abbi and Cassidy recognized,” Dutcher said. “They’re seniors who have worked very, very hard. They have a great work ethic and they put in the time and effort to make sure their performances were polished and well-honed. It was nice to see them recognized by the Spotlight evaluators.”

Production Awards:

• Overall Production – Honorable Mention

• Student Orchestra – Honorable Mention

• Ensemble Performance – Honorable Mention

• Movement/Dance Performance by an Ensemble – Outstanding

• Overall Technical Team – Honorable Mention

• Vocal Performance by an Ensemble – Honorable Mention

• Costume Crew – Honorable Mention

“I was also really happy that we got an Outstanding for Movement/Dance Performance by an Ensemble because the kids worked really hard on the dancing and it was nice to see them get the recognition they so richly deserve,” Dutcher said.

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