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The Blaine Police Department is seeking the public’s help in identifying two female shoplifting suspects who allegedly stole multiple items Nov. 29, at the Burlington Coat Factory at Northtown Mall in Blaine and one of the women maced a security guard.

Two female shoplifting suspects may make Santa’s naughty list this year after allegedly stealing multiple items at the Blaine Burlington Coat Factory on Black Friday. One woman also allegedly maced a security guard.

According to the Blaine Police Department, officers were called at 9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 29, to the Burlington Coat Factory at Northtown Mall about an assault in progress.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the store’s employees, who reported two female customers shoplifted multiple clothing items and assaulted several store employees.

Video surveillance released by the Blaine police shows a security guard grabbing the allegedly stolen items from the suspects as the two women exit the store.

In response, one of the shoplifters is seen spraying the guard with a “chemical agent” and fleeing, but not before the security guard grabs her purse. The footage also shows a customer falling while attempting to assist the security guard during the assault.

The suspects are seen reentering the store to recover the purse and some of the stolen merchandise they dropped before fleeing again. The mace affected multiple employees, including one who was transported to a local hospital for evaluation, police say.

One of the suspects, who’s a juvenile, has been identified. The other suspect has not been identified.

The case remains under investigation. The Blaine Police Department asks anyone with information to call 763-427-1212.


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Unbelievable, animals!

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