Chamber of Commerce members chat at TPC Twin Cities before the chamber’s annual meeting where the new logo was revealed Nov. 8.

The MetroNorth Chamber of Commerce revealed a new brand, celebrating its 50th anniversary at its annual meeting Nov. 8.

After half a century serving the area as a chamber of commerce in various forms, MetroNorth decided to refresh its image by revamping its entire brand.

“We are celebrating our 50th anniversary by looking back and honoring what we’ve done over the past 50 years, but then looking forward to look toward opportunities to best reflect and advocate for our businesses for the next 50 years,” President Lori Higgins said.

It took about a year for the chamber to work through how the new brand should look. It brought on outside designers to help discuss the finer points of colors and fonts for the logo.

“We literally had meetings where we talked about shades of blues for hours,” event coordinator Stacey Jensen with Running Aces Casino and Racetrack said during the meeting.

Some shortcomings of the old logo that Jensen pointed out included varying shades of blue in the logo as well as numerous fonts – some of which were difficult to read on promotional items such as T-shirts.

The other problem Jensen mentioned was the lack of ownership the brand had over MetroNorth’s committees. Programs such as the Work with Women committee could be mistaken as unaffiliated.

“It was just common sense that there are certainly some things that should be freshened up, and we realized at that time that, you know, it is probably time to update our entire brand,” Higgins said.

The new logo has changed to a darker shade of red and now displays an encircled compass arrow pointing upward to an “N.”

“I hope you’ll see what we saw and that is a fresh, innovative and new look for a modern and highly successful chamber,” Jensen said. “It is a sign that can easily be recognized and formatted for multiple marketing and social media platforms.”

Along with the new brand, and to help offset the costs of changing the website, promotional items and the other widespread changes that come with rebranding, MetroNorth has started a Legacy Club.

Chamber members can donate $1,000 to MetroNorth to join. Club members select one year between 1968 and 2018 to “own” in marketing materials with the chamber.

“What they would do is select a year that is meaningful to them, whether it is the year they opened up, the year that they joined the chamber, whatever has significance to them,” Higgins said. “Then they will own that year as a Legacy Club investor, so then going forward they will always be recognized as a Legacy Club member.”

Legacy Club members also get a table at MetroNorth’s upcoming Gala, Dec. 6, starting at 5 p.m. Tickets cost $75 a piece, $125 for a pair and $750 for a table of eight.

The gala will celebrate 50 years of MetroNorth’s work and how the community has changed over the last five decades.

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