To the editor:

I have had a desire to find the words to combine the past, present and future America as they pertain to the voter in 2020. I sat down and wrote out what I was pondering in my heart. This piece says what I wanted to say. I think it is relevant. We need women standing for Trump and America! I wanted to be positive and concise. I hope I accomplished that!

If I was a Patriot from years of yore,

Who had fought for freedom, family, and had faith at my core,

Then come the election in America 2020 and November,

I would vote for Donald J Trump, my America the Beautiful to remember.

I would look around and wonder what had happened to the hearts of my fellow Americans in this New Land?

The “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave” with the right to bear arms, worship, and live as our forefathers had planned.

And so as a Patriot in America today,

Donald J Trump has my vote all the way!

If I was a woman 100 years in the future,

Looking back at America and the divides needing suture,

I would be grateful for a strong military, secure borders, and a steady economy that kept peace in the land.

I would be proud of the respect shown to veterans, the working class, and ALL life unplanned.

With history as my witness and a 100 years to make it clear,

That Donald J Trump was the man for the 2020 Election Year.

And so my heart beats today, and I hold but one vote dear.

I stand for peace, freedom, goodness, and all the former and future Americans have made clear.

I am a woman. A wife. A Patriot and a mother.

I will vote for President Donald J Trump in 2020 ... for him and no other!

Leah Greuel


(2) comments

US Citizen

Great article, our entire cul-de-sac in Coon Rapids supports Trump!

Margaret Miller

Beautiful expression of your support for Trump. I stand with you!

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