To the editor:

Over the past several months, Gov. Tim Walz has used his illegal and unconstitutional powers to drive our local shops, gyms and restaurants into the ground yet allows the big box stores to operate as normal. He does this without regard for the many livelihoods being devastated by his actions, let alone the massive amounts of tax revenue lost without our small businesses.

Though the Legislature has the power to put his reign to an end, spineless Republicans like Nolan West refuse to take action. What will he say to the struggling businesses and those business owners that have had to shut their doors for good in our district?

Our district needs fighters like representative-elect Erik Mortensen (55A), who have pledged they will submit impeachment papers once sworn in January 2021. Erik Mortensen concurs with health experts at the W.H.O. that stated forced economic lockdowns are NOT the solution to our problems.

I asked Rep. West if he’d help our businesses and follow Mortensen’s lead, but he only compared Mortensen’s actions to political theater. It is apparent he refuses to fight for us and is OK with Walz’s tyrannical rule.

The Minnesota House needs to put their foot down and impeach out-of-control Governor Walz to stop the economic and social destruction. Because Republicans like West refuse to take real action against radical Democrats, they are complicit in our community’s suffering. You and I need to demand Nolan West stand up to Walz and force a vote on ending his illegal powers in the December Special Session. And he needs to follow Mortensen’s lead slapping on articles of impeachment to stop the madness once and for all.

Will Nolan West be the fighter our district needs in St Paul and move to impeach Gov. Walz? Or will he face a primary challenge come 2022?

Paul Peters


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