To the editor:

The current terms for state and national elected officials should be changed. There should be more time in between the election cycles. Currently we have one election hardly done, when the next election campaign is starting to kick in. Nowadays there is too much time and money spent on election efforts. Listening to and watching all the ads is becoming very tiresome, and the ads are full of general obvious comments with no details and mostly not true. Just look at all the time and money used to try to get elected or reelected

U.S. representative terms should be increased from two-year terms to six-year terms, and there should be a lifetime limit of two terms. The Senate six-year terms should be increased to eight-year terms with a two-term limit. The presidential term should be increased from two four-year terms to two six-year terms. The House, Senate and presidential elections could be offset similar to how it is now to allow a degree of balance between the parties.

For lifetime limits of service the U.S. representatives should not be allowed to serve more than four six-year terms. Senators should not be allowed to serve more than five six-year terms.

At the state level, terms for representatives and senators should have the same limits as the federal level. The governor should have a lifetime limit of two six-year terms.

Once elected officials retire they still could be advisors, assuming they have most of their “marbles” left. But some of these officials are way too old and so imbedded with big government that they cannot relate to the common people or think straight.

After a long time in government the pension they receive is more than enough for a comfortable living. Under these term limits a lot of them would be young enough to find gainful employment in the private section after service. This term limit would also keep our elected official closer to reality.

Gene Hodel

Oak Grove

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