To the editor:

My friend, Brad Sanford, is running for Minnesota State Senate in District 37.

How many people would you trust to raise your own kids? That number is likely very small. Brad Sanford is one those very few people I truly trust.

I came to know Brad and his wonderful wife Cindy through our kids. I’ve seen firsthand how much of a devoted and strong family man Brad is. He works hard yet reserves time for family, friends and community and knows how to have fun. He is principled and wears his heart on his sleeve yet takes time to understand diverse opinions; a seemingly lost art nowadays.

Brad was raised in a Christian home with great parents. Now, a generation later, all his kids have bloomed into wonderful people each in their own way and he has a new grandchild to dote on.

While being a person devoted to family and community alone doesn’t qualify a person to be a state senator, it is a clear point of differentiation in today’s venomous political environment.

What other qualities should a proficient elected official possess? In my opinion, a state senator should:

1) Possess the desire to ensure public safety, government’s primary mission. Brad received the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association’s prestigious endorsement as their candidate of choice. Public safety is a top priority with Brad.

2) Have strong financial and economic acumen. Brad is an insurance agency owner and past experienced business banker who understands finance, the economy and works heavily with small businesses, a primary driver of our Minnesota economy.

3) Ability to articulate positions. Brad is a natural born communicator and has a talent for conveying complex issues clearly.

4) Principled work ethic. Brad’s campaigning consists of a mix of modern social media and old fashioned face-to-face door knocking. It’s hard work and cost effective. These are qualities I admire in an elected official. Meanwhile, many politicians heavily employ terrible, expensive, cringe-worthy negative ads that, I believe, are hurting our country.

I trust Brad. You should too.

Chuck Miller


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