To the editor:

On March 23, the Ramsey mayor and staff allowed, and I believe, invited, an ethnic group which has no relation to Ramsey whatsoever to give “citizen input” attacking a council member who defended her vote on a mask mandate resolution. Two members of this group were allowed to give tag-team speeches about Democratic talking points on racism and their imaginary offense.

They are not city residents, nor business owners in Ramsey, who have any reason to be allowed to speak in a Ramsey City Council meeting on an issue that doesn’t affect anyone in this group in any way. The purpose of inviting this group was simply to attack Council Member Howell, and try to silence her and show her, and others, what will happen in the future if they speak out on an issue in a way that offends the current mayor and his cronies.

This group of officials is setting a precedent that anyone who reads something on social media, or is sent any electronic communication, and wants to “take offense” is free to connect virtually to a Ramsey Council meeting and give a speech on their agenda.

I have to wonder why the city officials chose Council Member Howell to attack and not the other three council members? Do they think because she is a new female council member that she is weaker than the others?

It’s never happened before, and it should never happen again.

Jim Bendtsen


Editor’s note: Bendtsen is a member of the Ramsey Charter Commission.

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