To the editor:

It was clear at the Blaine City Council meeting Feb. 3 that Mayor Ryan has already decided that the residents of our neighborhood at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 125th Avenue mean nothing to him, and that his support, instead, goes to an individual businessman. This individual wants to build an “entertainment center” on this corner. Yes, it is zoned for commercial use — but that decision was made when there was access to these businesses from both Lexington and 125th. How does one think it is a good idea to create businesses without the proper infrastructure? When access from these two main roads was cut off and denied, the City Council should have realized that changing the code was inadvisable. It is absurd to think that our neighborhood roads, Frazier and 124th, will be able to handle the additional traffic that all these commercial establishments would create. We have a Kwik Trip, a day care, a soon-to-be-built 900+ member church, and now a proposal to put in a restaurant, entertainment center, and who-knows-what-else — with no access to any of these buildings except on our inadequate neighborhood roads. These are the two main entrances to our neighborhood of hundreds of homes. Mayor Ryan, we invite you and the City Council to come and drive down these roads with us, and then tell us that we are overreacting. My guess is that if this proposed project were planned for your neighborhoods, it would be “dead on arrival.”

Chris Kendall


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