To the editor:

Equity? Fairness? Sensible? The right thing to do? Whatever one wants to call the desire to be just it is clear the economic impact of the pandemic is not being managed properly. If society requires a business to be closed temporarily for public safety, that business deserves to be compensated. It is a simple concept. If society requires an employee to be laid off temporarily for public safety, that employee deserves to be compensated. The concept is basic. Why are we failing?

The reasons for failure are multiple. No one had a serious plan in place for a pandemic. Many humans are selfish, and if they are getting by, they are not happy to sacrifice to help others get by as well.

This is not a crisis so large there are not resources to manage it. There is plenty of wealth in Minnesota and the U.S. to compensate those who have lost their livelihoods.

It is time to take a deep breath, acknowledge the inadequacy of the initial response, and take the necessary steps to support our workers and businesses put out of work by necessary public health requirements. A nation with the ability to make computers and put satellites in orbit has the intelligence to design a plan to properly compensate those forced out of work by the pandemic. We should all contact our politicians and tell them to get it done … both for the current pandemic and any future ones.

Mark Brakke

Coon Rapids

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