To the editor:

If you haven’t heard of it already, Critical Race Theory (CRT) training is coming to a school or business near you. Under the banner of equity, CRT is a divisive ideology that places moral worth on people based on the color of their skin. Minorities are uniformly portrayed as victims while whites are uniformly portrayed as victimizers and racists.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would be shocked at what CRT promotes. It was his dream that his children would one day “not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” CRT, on the other hand, intentionally judges people by skin color.

CRT separates people by race into categories of oppressors and oppressed in an effort to distort history and bring about a cultural revolution. Clearly the roots of CRT, in language and intent, are planted firmly in Marxism.

Dividing people based on race, is destructive and demeaning; this is racism on its face. This kind of teaching has no place in our public schools or our government.

CRT teaches that our Constitution and founding principles — the basis of our freedom — are racist and evil, and that “systemic racism” and “unconscious bias” are built into western society.

According to CRT propaganda, all white people have “white privilege” and are racists, whether they want to be or not. Their “whiteness” must be confessed and renounced, although there is no guarantee of forgiveness. This false doctrine fosters division and even hatred. It comes as no surprise that people are turning against one another.

CRT teaches a worldview that others are not allowed to question. This is a suppression of free speech and a violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment also protects freedom of conscience — the right to hold personal beliefs and thoughts without government intervention. Requiring teachers and students to take this kind of teaching is a perversion of education; it’s indoctrination.

CRT training is infiltrating our schools, our government and our military. We must speak out against this destructive brand of identity politics while we still can.

Barb Anderson


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US Citizen

85% of our teachers are democrats. Democrats falsely accuse Republicans of being racist. They are in no position to teach anyone about racism, they are too judgmental themselves. We should get rid of any teacher trying to make our children democrats as well. They have a very narrow minded view, and their view is not 100% without flaws.

US Citizen

In CA they are putting small 'white' kids in one section calling them 'oppressors' and small dark skinned children in another area calling them all 'victims'. Who does that? Sounds like hatred to the little white kids who haven't even thought about race.

US Citizen

Actually we the people in the community need to act on this now! The teachers aren't doing anything constructive these days anyhow but sitting at home. We need new teachers, principles, superintendents....need to overturn the schools and start fresh. We need to gather and start a plan now!

US Citizen

Parents pay your salaries, we pay school levies. We are against your racist all against white children programs. Not in my school, not in my community! Take it elsewhere or we will get rid of the teachers that are there now and bring in new. We will not allow this. Stop putting these evil thoughts in to our children's heads.

Gene Hodel

“Critical Race Theory" and the book “Something Happened in Our

Town” should not be allowed in our schools.

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