For a year now, our tyrannical governor has pushed illegal and unconstitutional executive orders that have violated his oath of office and destroyed the livelihoods of our friends and neighbors. When our district needed Rep. Zack Stephenson to stand up to Gov. Tim Walz’s tyranny, he was nowhere to be found.

Gov. Walz has done the same damaging things as Gov. Cuomo has done in New York. The Walz-Cuomo policy put COVID-positive patients into nursing homes, including my own mother. But one thing is different. Democratic legislators in N.Y. recognize wrong when they see it, and dozens have called for Cuomo to resign. Furthermore, many Democratic state lawmakers have called for him to be impeached.

Rep. Mortensen introduced articles of impeachment to fight for us and hold Walz accountable for violating his oath to uphold the state and U.S. constitution. The bad news is that Rep. Zack Stephenson is a complete lapdog for his party, refusing to do what is right to hold Gov. Walz accountable. He’s more radical than a N.Y. Democrat. That’s saying something!

Impeachment is the remedy for our out-of-control governor that has flaunted Minnesotans and his oath for too long.

We need Rep. Stephenson to fight for us and to be responsive to what our district needs. We cannot stand for the Walz-Cuomo policy of shoving COVID-positive patients in with vulnerable people. If he won’t do his duty to represent us, then we will elect someone who will.

Jeff Thompson

Coon Rapids

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