To the editor:

There was a letter in a recent edition referencing alleged censorship at the Anoka County Library. Something the letter writer said caught my attention. The writer referenced the LGBTQ “lifestyle” and “all the negative psychological, biological and spiritual effects that an LGBTQ lifestyle has on a person.” Here is the point: The writer seemed to imply that such a lifestyle was in some way “adopted” by certain individuals voluntarily. Well, the writer should do some self-education on the LGBTQ “lifestyle,” which would tell him that LGBTQ people do not voluntarily adopt such a lifestyle. The truth is they are born that way and have no choice in who they love. A former associate of mine once asked me if I thought that all the discrimination, bullying and other abuse aimed at him and his “lifestyle” was his by choice. Absolutely not, was his reply. “Nobody would choose to endure those abuses by choice.” ... It just is as it is.

Robert Koch


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