To the editor:

A letter writer did recently claim

That all women should support the Sultan of Shame

But no members of the feminine sex

Verily should enable the Predator Rex

His lies never ending, his ignorance monumental

His war on reality necessarily fundamental

He’s a fraud, a grifter and a faker

The one path he knows is that of the taker

He chisels and cheats

He poses and bleats ...

That only he can guard toxic delusions

From fact’s unwanted intrusions

His followers proclaim his virtues are many

But in fact there simply aren’t any

From follicle turban, bone spurs and groping Old Glory

Trump is the final chapter in the Republican story

Real patriots are needed to save our nation

From further destruction from this abomination

Vote him out — our country requires relief

From the criminal and traitor-in-chief

Gene Case


(2) comments

US Citizen

I respect your choice, however let it be known millions of Trump supporters will be at the polls. Our entire cul-de-sac in Coon Rapids supports Trump. Can't wait for November 2020!!

Rod Kuehn

LOl! Nicely done!

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