To the editor:

I would often visit my grandparents who lived in the heart of our great New York City about five decades ago. I would like to suggest that Mr. Anderson’s May 7 column used this platform as a grievance against New York rather than address the deeper issue of outcomes and honesty of the census process. He did not make me aware of any process the census has whereby the concerns from New York could be addressed. I did ask myself lately, what if every sports game outcome was questioned? There is a process available. To digress, we still have a group who want to perpetuate the Big Lie in the face of the safest election in history with an even greater unwillingness to face what happened at our nation’s Capitol as they are held in the grip of a dictating personality. I am NOT part of the “people” mentioned who want to allow honest process to be buffeted by dishonest winds. Again, tell me about the census process. To have such an outburst does not help us learn to get along with our neighbor, accept our neighbor, enlarge whom we consider our neighbor or increase trust. Again, Mr. Anderson went off point only to return briefly but not clearly at the end of his article. We need to support honest and democratic processes. My hope is that everybody who possibly could do so stepped up to fill out the census, but fear mongering may have prevented some from doing so. Mr. Anderson needs to calm down and be a part of the solution rather than the problem. Of course we don’t want bullies in our states, cities, sports or our politics. Let’s talk process, not personal animosities and competitions. We need to remain a civilized country that thinks of the other. We get driver’s licenses, follow traffic rules, get library cards, register our guns, wear seat belts, turn off our phones and pay taxes, etc., all because of a process somewhere that helps us look out for the other. Let’s dialog about and follow honest processes. We will all benefit.

Hulda Beth LaBreche


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