To the editor:

In 2004 my wife Kelly and I moved to Anoka to start our family and begin a new chapter of our lives. We were drawn to the area for its pace of life, natural features and the existence of a true downtown space that harkens back to an earlier time. Over the years I have also worked at various businesses in the area in both the cities of Anoka and Ramsey. We have three school-age daughters that attend Saint Stephen’s school, where we also attend church.

Over the past 15+ years, we have been pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of fellow citizens and are drawn to the general culture. To this I am referring to the conservative undertone that is very much a part of this area.

We feel very strongly that the cities of Anoka and Ramsey need to continue to have state representation that shares in the values of hard work, responsibility and respect for those officers of the peace that maintain the integrity of our community. Rep. John Heinrich and his predecessors have done very well to uphold our way of life and to advocate for our interests in Saint Paul. A departure from this lineage of Republican representation would, in our opinion, be a giant step backwards and a change that most constituents in this area would not deem appropriate.

Rep. John Heinrich is raising his family in Anoka just like us. He is dialed into the lifestyle and needs of the people he represents and is very deserving of another term to be our voice in the State House. Kelly and I support him, as should others from Anoka and Ramsey that wish to maintain the peaceful, Anoka County way of life that we’ve all come to appreciate, especially during these odd and trying times.

Chuck Blair


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