To the editor:

A recent letter to the editor praised the state of Texas for passing “one of nation’s strictest abortion measures.”

But Texas isn’t just about draconian unconstitutional laws. It’s also a yahoo dystopia in which good-old-boy deregulating grifters scrimped on weatherizing energy infrastructure because it would reduce profits. And, when the inevitable happened (cold weather) – as it had in 1989 and 2011 — mayhem ensued. At least 4 million people lost power — thousands lost water as well. Many Texans froze to death or died from carbon monoxide poisoning from for using barbecues and running vehicles for heat in closed spaces … God bless Texas.

Texas is also a COVID-19 hotspot. As of Sept. 19, Texas has had the highest daily average of new COVID-19 cases — in the entire U.S. — for the current week and the two previous. According to Texas Medical Center CEO Bill McKeon, “We’re seeing the largest amount of children in our hospitals … in the entire history of this pandemic. That’s really alarming, and these are very, very sick children.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded in July by issuing an executive order that prohibited the imposition of mask and vaccine mandates by Texas school districts and local governments. School districts ignoring the order have been sued by Attorney General Ken Paxton (indicted in 2015 on two charges of securities fraud) … God bless Texas.

If the Texas abortion ban is sustained, Texas women of means who seek abortions will do as they did before the passage of Roe vs. Wade — they’ll fly to California for the procedure (then-Gov. Ronald Reagan, signed a law in 1967 legalizing more abortions in the state of California).

Texas women who are forced to give birth to unwanted children will bring them into the state with the most children living in poverty (1.4 million - USA Today, 11/13/20) … God bless Texas.

Gene Case


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