To the editor:

In an act of sedition, Congressman Tom Emmer joined 125 fellow members of the U.S. House and 18 Attorneys General in joining Donald Trump in the frivolous and rejected Texas lawsuit to the Supreme Court, seeking to overturn the election results of 20 million voters from the four swing states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin, with 62 total electoral votes, that voted for Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has been elected president. All 50 states have certified their results and resolved their disputes affecting the presidential balloting. On Dec. 14, Constitutionally-chosen presidential electors officially voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by 306 to 232 over Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Unless Emmer and fellow members of Congress want to precipitate a Constitutional crisis on Jan. 6 by seeking to subvert the result of Dec. 14, by stealing the election from Joe Biden, what was the purpose of supporting the Texas lawsuit, unless their desire is to bring distrust and instability to the Biden presidency by playing to the unfounded conspiratorial fears of Trump’s most ardent supporters?

The Texas lawsuit failed. Texas lacked standing to bring suit. Texas suffered no harm in the election. We do not conduct a national election based on Federal laws. Each state conducts its own election. In fact, many states that joined the lawsuit practice some of the same procedures objected to in the four swing states — and elsewhere, like we do in Minnesota. So why not bring suit against all the states that Texas objects to the election practices of?

Of course another problem for Texas was that much of this was already adjudicated in states across the nation, and had already been ruled upon — mostly before states certified their results. All of which meant there was very little likelihood of Supreme Court success.

As a 6th Congressional District resident, I am embarrassed by Emmer joining in support of this needless and greatly unworthy lawsuit seeking to overturn the elective will of the American voters. I consider this behavior the essence of sedition in the 21st Century.

Wes Volkenant


Editor’s note: Wes Volkenant is the chair of the Anoka County DFL.

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Thank you, Mr. Volkenant, for your letter drawing attention to Tom Emmer's abhorrent decision to support the Texas lawsuit. Emmer is guilty of undermining people's faith in the very institutions he is sworn to protect.

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