To the editor:

I read Tom Emmer’s statement in the Anoka County UnionHerald explaining why he voted against all articles of impeachment. He said this was a three year-fight to impeach President Trump and called the impeachment a “political charade.” Rep. Emmer seems to have forgotten the “political charade” that occurred time and again during President Obama’s two terms. The Republican Party vowed to block anything President Obama attempted to accomplish. Was that working for the people? Tom Emmer’s party kept a Supreme Court appointee from being considered for almost a year! Was that working for the people?

Now many Republicans are using debunked conspiracy theories to cover up President Trump’s illegal act of withholding critically needed military aid from Ukraine in return for a political favor. I have not yet heard Tom Emmer defend what the president did as he must know it was illegal! He and his fellow Republicans are now on the wrong side of history!

President Trump has continued to flaunt the law by retweeting the whistleblower’s alleged identity. Will Emmer close his eyes and ignore that also? Should future whistleblowers fear being outed by an angry lawmaker? How can this be allowed? Maybe President Trump was correct when he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any support.

What a sad day for our country!

Alyson Gullette


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