To the editor:

I’m sure the voters of the Minnesota 6th District appreciate Rep. Tom Emmer’s concern for their mental health (“Take time for your mental health,” May 22).

Unfortunately, the biggest contribution to the stress level of most Americans is the criminal incompetence of the Trump administration and its Republican enablers in congress — like Rep. Emmer.

The Trump administration is not only actively destroying the rule of law and other democratic norms (very stressful), but actively worsening the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. (even more stressful).

Columbia University released a COVID-19 projection May 21. The projection included a retrospective analysis estimating that if social distancing had been adopted nationwide one week earlier (March 8 rather than March 15) 703,975 confirmed cases (62%) and 35,927 deaths (55%) would have been avoided. If measures had been adopted two weeks earlier nationwide, a reduction of 960,937 (84%) cases and 53,990 (83%) deaths would have been realized (all up to May 3).

Officials of some states are culpable as well, but they were getting only lies and disinformation from Trump leading up to the March 15 federal declaration.

While Trump was dithering and contradicting himself, Rome was burning and continues to burn (very stressful).

And, speaking of burning, Trump’s overt racism, while certainly not the cause of the death of George Floyd, has given license to those who act on racist inclinations endemic in our nation’s 400 year struggle with racial inequality and violence (more stress).

Since Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. has become less “great” on a daily basis, our nation’s standing in the world has plummeted, inequality has grown (Pew Research, February 2020), the “swamp” is the deepest and murkiest it’s ever been, and the foundation of our democracy is crumbling.

If our nation is to start to get back on track, and if the stress level of the vast majority of its citizens is to be reduced, Trump and all of his sycophantic enablers, like Emmer, have to be swept from office in 2020.

The essence of Trump is incompetence and mendacity, chaos and death — division not unity.

Gene Case


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US Citizen

Trump will win again in November. The same people that made those polls in 2016 are the same people that sent out the jobs report, and boy did they get it wrong again.

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