To the editor:

Ythan Pratt launched an impressive, eloquent defense of Erik Skogquist’s “shocking and alarming” verbal abuse of city staff.

Pratt’s letter was a perfect dance of advertising skill and political spin.

For perspective on the tired, played out Anoka Carnegie Library gripe there is an excellent 2016 thesis by Karah Hawkinson at

If only Erik could use some of his Magic the Gathering time travel skills and bring his updated wisdom back to 1965 and once and for all save the library.

But alas, we can’t undo that any more than we can reverse worldwide historical slavery.

One wonders though: Does each generation perhaps deserve to leave its own building style and aesthetic? Is one aesthetic inherently better than another?

The ‘60s were mid-century modern: First National Bank (now Wells Fargo), the Anoka city library (now historical society) and City Hall.

The Preservation era didn’t gain interest until the late ‘60s. It just wasn’t on the nation’s radar yet. Now, of course, there is interest in saving and repurposing the aging mid-century moderns.

At any rate, we’re not Europe. Americans are all about embracing and representing diversity, aren’t we?

We enjoy a variety of food: Chinese, Italian, Mexican, don’t we?

In Anoka, we can appreciate the Woodbury House (Mad Hatter) and modern townhomes and everything in between, can’t we?

More importantly, returning to the issue, verbal abuse of human beings is never justified.

Anoka city staff may need to consider filing protection and restraint orders to protect themselves against future harassment by Mr. Skogquist.

People deserve workplace peace and safety.

Linea Kirchner

Coon Rapids

Kirchner is a former employee of the Anoka County Historical Society and Minnesota Historical Society and a fifth-generation Anokan.

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I thought of one architectural style that may be a little tricky to appreciate.

Sometimes deemed "born-dead neo-penitentiary modern".

Think the Anoka High School 1971. : )

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