To the editor:

Among the most vocal community supporters of the development of a Coon Rapids Community Center 10 years ago, which resulted in the construction of an ice arena only, it pleases me to see that the city is once again considering building what some of us pushed hard for. Having been a longtime resident of Coon Rapids, I felt such a facility was missing in my city, and was pleased then to join with my daughter-in-law, Colleen Stippel Dhennin, born and raised in Coon Rapids, to advocate for development. We are now glad to see that such plans may finally be bearing fruit.

Today, it is heartening to see that Coon Rapids officials actively seek new residents – some possibly young, first time home buyers – by encouraging upgrades to our existing housing stock through the Home for Generations II program. A community center, such as that being considered, is something also desirable for a vibrant city; it was necessary then and continues to be needed. We recognize that a young, diverse community of today needs facilities, the likes of which are now under consideration.

While one can’t help but wonder how much we would have saved had we done this 10 years ago, I am glad to see that today’s leadership will finally get us there.

Beth Dhennin

Coon Rapids

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