To the editor:

Ms. Anderson’s reply (Nov. 9, “Letter-writer missed something”) to my letter (Oct. 26) attacking literalist theology is notable for only one thing: She refuses to acknowledge the enormous suffering and loss of life caused by her rogue theology. Christianity is not the issue.

She attempts to conceal the literalists’ full-throated support of slavery, segregation and racism by conflating literalism with Christianity. It’s a clever, if obvious, dodge. Let’s take a look.

Christians didn’t support slavery. Northern Baptists, Quakers and others fiercely opposed slavery. Slavery was driven by literalists seeking moral cover for the “right” to own and abuse human beings. They have opposed racial reconciliation ever since.

Literalism labels itself Christian but is functionally a tool to manipulate white evangelicals into voting for the Republican Party, regardless.

Literalism is selective. Given a choice between the good Samaritan and respect for authority, it chooses the latter. It manufactures or corrupts “literal” passages as needed and then calls itself *The* Voice of Christian Values.

The Curse of Canaan supposedly links dark skin with perpetual slavery. But it’s not in the Bible.

Michele Bachmann says climate change can’t be real because God promised there would be no more floods. But Genesis 9:15 says “the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy *all flesh* …” Climate change has never predicted such an event. Either Bachmann doesn’t know her Bible or she has an agenda.

Literalism rejects the Christian trademarks of compassion, honesty, the Golden Rule and thoughtful interpretation. Instead, it supports the separation of child from parent, tax cuts for the wealthy, white nationalism and more guns.

Does anyone *really* believe God could anoint no one better than a moral defective? Is God’s sovereignty a likely explanation for choosing the Liar-in-Chief as his primary spokesman?

“Dear friends, stop believing every spirit. Instead, test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.” – 1 John 4:1

Literalism is an ongoing moral catastrophe done in the name of Jesus for the profit of Mammon.

Rod Kuehn


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Rod Kuehn

It's unfortunate that US Citizen refuses to address the issue of weaponized religion. Their choke-hold on climate change mitigation and our deteriorating democracy makes it the most important issue of the day. We need to talk.

US Citizen

More babbling from the liberal socialist prophet Ron. Just remember folks that the Democrats were the ones who actually owned Slaves in America and they were from the south. The Republican party (Lincoln) freed them....if you remember those two facts, then you are on track. WTS: Trump just pulled ahead of all the leading Democrats and Bloomberg is so nervous that he filed papers to run for POTUS. What a laugh he will be. I believe Trump will win now for sure. Thanks to the liberals for trying so hard to impeach him since he won the elections.

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