To the editor:

My friend George Green declares that the time we are going through is transformative and it has a name: liminal space — that space between what was and what will be. Calamities like COVID-19, the murder of George Floyd, its aftermath, and the continuing challenges to our racist tendencies, can upend our psychological world as they do our physical world. Green and I agree: it’s our job to pull voters toward our way of looking at the world, toward a new normal which is virtually the core value silently on everyone’s lips. And what is that new normal?

Besides “wash your hands” and “are you wearing your mask?” is “we are all in this together,” — which, serendipitously, happens to be the core of a progressive worldview — based on empathy and community. Caring about one another, thinking everyone is of equal value, are ideas not shared by Trumpians. Beguiled by media and dark money propaganda, like the recent TV ad buy trying to tie Joe Biden to the idea that Biden wants to defund the police, the conservative view of “every man for himself” propels the notion that you will be on your own in a crime-infested world if Trump is not reelected. Not true, of course.

In this liminal space many Republicans are turning away from what the GOP has become under Trump. They are realizing that in these all-too-common times when a significant series of simultaneous disruptive calamities has upended their psyche, their minds are now open to new ways of looking at reality. Realizing ideas once continuously fed into the brain cells of their minds had negatively shepherded their conscious and unconscious thoughts, smart Republicans are students of cognitive science who realize that once a network of ideas was burned into their brains, their neural network once resisted change.

But they are willing to overcome, and become more open to new ways of looking at things as the world changes to a new normal. Will you do the same in this liminal space and vote in accordance with your new consciousness?

Roger Johnson

Coon Rapids

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