To the editor:

Mr. Hodel objects to evolution (Oct. 11, Creation vs. Evolution Matters) in favor of a “biblical worldview.”

The term “evolution” can refer to the simple observation of fossil change over time or it can refer to the mechanism of change. The fossils are simple at the bottom of the geological strata and progress to increasingly modern organisms at the top. There is a definite order to their appearance and disappearance. Humans are *never* seen in the same or older deposits as dinosaurs. Elephant bones are *never* intermingled with those of Tyrannosaurus rex. The order is universal. T-rex on the bottom, elephants and people on the top. Always.

If the animals had died in the biblical flood, their bones would be jumbled together. This is *never* the case. Stegosaurus bones are *never* found as food scraps around ancient campfires, and there are *no* biblical accounts of sheep being carried off by packs of Velociraptors. Yes, there are references to behemoth and leviathan. There are also references to unicorns.

Furthermore, the transitions between major groups (amphibian to reptile, dinosaur to bird — “macro evolution”) are represented by many fossils. Clearly, they evolved. So did we. This is the fact of evolution and the fraud of creation “science.”

Google search on “hominid transitional fossils.” The Scientific American and Smithsonian sites are especially well-illustrated.

Mr. Hodel’s “biblical worldview” is better described as a “literalist biblical worldview.” It’s the theology that gave us the moral abomination of slavery. Support for slavery is stunningly pervasive in both Old and New Testament. Even Jesus never objected. Why isn’t Mr. Hodel insisting on a return to slavery? Perhaps he’d recommend a return to witch-burning (Exodus 22:18).

Shall we condemn gays or “judge not lest we be judged”? “Literal” interpretations are always selective, always drive persecution and subjugation and are always a grim caricature of the message of the Sermon on the Mount.

Rod Kuehn


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Rod Kuehn

Unfortunately, the last paragraph of my letter was inadvertently omitted:

"Biblical Worldview is a con game to dominate others by using corrupt theology, frontal assaults on critical thinking, and wholesale misrepresentation of the facts. Mr. Hodel has been had. Again."

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