To the editor:

Sen. Michelle Benson took a bold stance against vaccine passports (“Vaccine passports wrong for Minnesota,” 05/14/21) — framing them as a “medical privacy rights” issue.

On April 7, reported that: “Minnesota will not adopt a vaccine passport system, Gov. Tim Walz said in a news conference Wednesday.” The report went on to state that: “The White House has already said there will be no national vaccine mandate.” Benson allows that Walls has “no interest in doing vaccine passports” but cautions “let’s hope he keeps his word” — without saying why she thinks he may not.

As of April 26, Anoka County was lagging behind other metro area counties in percentage of eligible vaccine candidates vaccinated — 1 to 8 percentage points.

Instead of throwing raw meat to “the base,” Sen. Benson could have used her pulpit to urge ALL of her constituents to get vaccinated.

Minnesota health officials have emphasized that attaining a vaccination rate of 80% “would provide a level of herd immunity that would stifle the spread of the virus.” That should be the goal of all Minnesotans — ginning up controversy to preclude a primary challenge is counterproductive.

Gene Case


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Benson has further political ambitions. Let’s hope this never happens. She is bad for Minnesota. Just a rabble rouser.

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