A Coon Rapids woman will spend up to 90 days in jail and pay restitution for tens of thousands of dollars she stole from the Coon Rapids High School hockey booster club.

Jennifer Leeanne Crosbie, 37, entered a guilty plea April 17 to felony theft of over $35,000. At sentencing June 7 the court placed her on probation for 10 years and ordered her to spend 90 days in jail.

She was set to be jailed 30 days beginning June 14. Crosbie was also scheduled to be jailed 30 days each of the next two summers, but she will not serve those terms if she is current with her restitution payments, which total $28,735.82, according to court records.

In addition, Crosbie was given the option of paying a $500 fine or performing 50 hours of community service work.

Crosbie was treasurer of the Coon Rapids Cardinal Hockey Red Line Club from approximately May 2016 through July 2018 and had sole access to the club’s financial accounts and debit card, according to the criminal complaint.

In July 2018 the president of the booster club began to suspect Crosbie was embezzling from the club after he went to the club’s bank to add another board member to the finance account as co-signer and was alerted to numerous suspicious charges that seemed out of the ordinary.

The club hired a private accounting firm to perform a forensic audit of its financial accounts, and it determined there was a total of $36,176.16 in non-club related transactions from May 2016 to July 2918, the complaint states.

Most of the transactions were cash withdrawals and purchases made at retailers and convenience stores, which the club president determined were unauthorized, according to the complaint.

In a statement to police, Crosbie admitted she took funds from the club for personal use.

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