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Aleesha Webb, daugher of Village Bank’s founder, has become its president.

Anoka County-based Village Bank has a new president, and she’s looking to focus on the communities where the bank is set.

Aleesha Webb was recently unveiled as the new president, returning to the local business where she first started her banking career.

“Joining Village Bank is like coming home,” Webb said in a statement. “I’m excited for the opportunity to work alongside an amazing business mentor, who also happens to be my dad. Together, we are leading our Village into the next chapter.”

Don Kveton, Webb’s father, founded Village Bank in 1993 and currently sits as the chairman of the board.

Webb worked first in the St. Francis branch of the bank as a teller. She described herself as a poor teller because she was too excited about helping people open loans and accounts that she would not always focus on keeping track of the change in her drawer.

“I’ve always been really passionate about people and service, and so right from my early days I didn’t always focus on the drawer; I focused on the people and the service that we provided,” Webb said.

What inspired Webb to push further up the banking ladder was seeing the offices of big shots, offices like she has today.

“I remember looking back in Blaine and seeing all the guys in the offices with the windows,” Webb said. “I remember thinking: ‘How do I get that? How do I get an office?’” Webb said. “And they said ‘you have got to go get a finance degree.”

Webb has an MBA in finance and management from the University of St. Thomas and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for banking, corporate, finance and securities law.

She worked as the vice president of Minnesota Bank & Trust and the senior vice president at Sunrise Banks before coming back to Village, where she was also recently chosen to be the vice chair of the board.

Going forward, Webb is looking to expand the bank’s workforce by 20 percent next year and increase the bank’s spending on benefits by 1/4 million dollars, she said.

She also wants to maintain focus on the local area while opening the bank up to the Twin Cities market as a whole. Finally, Webb wants to invest in expanding the digital access of the bank, so customers can have a good experience whether they open the doors or an app.

Webb envisions “really having a robust deposit system for people to be able to deposit their money but also have access to their funds if they need them, no matter if they are on their phone, if they are on their computer or they are walking into one of our banks.”

Village Bank has four locations: in Blaine, East Bethel, Ramsey and St. Francis.

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