The Paul Whitney Larson Gallery at the University of Minnesota has been transformed to accommodate the interactive artwork of Coon Rapids-based experimental artist Jayson Randall.

The gallery lights have been dimmed to accentuate the illumination of the art, and the pieces are spaced out to allow for individual exploration.

Normally, gallery guests are not allowed to touch or interact with the artwork: “Forgotten Beacons” is different.

Many of the works of art react to external stimulation.

Randall encourages guests to interact with his artwork by pressing buttons at some pieces and by making noises at others.

The gallery opened Aug. 26 and runs through Sept. 24. Several of Randall’s unique works of art will be on display during regular gallery hours as well as for an artist’s reception on Sept. 16 from 6-8 p.m.

This event is free and open to the public.

‘When I close my eyes, I see bright colors’

Through Randall’s brilliant interplay of light and shadow in art, “Forgotten Beacons” illustrates the relationship between the useful and forgotten.

Like beacons in the dark, his work expresses how discarded items call out as they are encountered. He preserves stories and gives new life to those forgotten through the use of technology. Industrial materials are combined with interactive electronics as the viewer is engaged to participate in the functionality of the finished work.

Randall is an award-winning experimental artist whose main studio is at his residence in Coon Rapids.

Awards include the Director’s Award at the WHAM West Gallery in Surprise, Arizona, the Best in Show Award at the Re-Purpose Competition in Clear Lake, Iowa, and the Special Recognition Award at the 2020 Tenth Anniversary Exhibition at the Light Space Time Gallery in Palm Springs, California.

Randall designs and builds complex works of art that fuse technology with illusion.

Whether creating interactive electronic sculptures, making innovative films or attempting a novel method of painting, his work bridges the gap between art and science.

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