With the new stream restoration in the background at Olive Street and Sand Creek Trail, the Coon Creek Watershed District held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 22, to recognize the several partners contributing to the success of the Middle Sand Creek Corridor Restoration project.

The Coon Creek Watershed District had garnered U.S. EPA 319 and Minnesota Clean Water Fund grant match funding for most of the project. The watershed district provided in-kind design and implementation with its engineer, Stantec, in collaboration with the city of Coon Rapids.

Board Chair Anthony Wilder and District Administrator Tim Kelly presented Nick Proulx, clean water specialist for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, with an Award of Excellence for his technical expertise and exemplary dedication during design and implementation of this project.

Proulx and Jon Janke, CCWD operations and maintenance coordinator, then cut the ribbon together highlighting the partnership of the multi-year project implementation.

Justine Dauphinais, water quality coordinator, noted three main goals of the project: reduce sediment and nutrient pollution coming from streambank erosion, allow the creek to flow more naturally and with better connection to its floodplain during high-flows, and to increase habitat diversity in and along Sand Creek between Olive Street and the railroad tracks.

Invasive species management will continue in the project area as well as ongoing education efforts such as Watershed Walk tours and presentations.

For more information contact Dawn, Coon Creek Watershed District’s information and education coordinator, at 763-755-0975, or go to the project webpage tinyurl.com/hmrz3mn7.

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