Connexus Energy’s recently unveiled solar-plus-storage system was fully operational as of Dec. 23.

In a statement dated Jan. 2 Connexus announced the energy facilities constructed in Ramsey and Athens Township combining 15 total megawatts of battery storage with a total of 10 megawatts of solar panels are now producing energy.

The facilities, touted as some of the first of their kind in the state, work to improve the function of solar panels in the energy grid by “time shifting” production to peak hours of demand.

Solar panels generally produce the most energy in the middle of the day, when demand is low. By pairing them with batteries, the company can store the energy to be used in the evening when demand increases.

The batteries at the Ramsey location are expected to produce enough energy to supply almost 2,700 homes while in full use. The solar panels at the site are expected to provide enough power for over 600 homes.

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