Columbia Heights Public Schools has joined with SCoPE School Surveys to gain input on the district’s communication.

School Communications Performance Evaluation, or SCoPE, Surveys seek feedback from district staff, parents of students, and community members on how they receive information and whether they consider the communication to be effective.

“SCoPE Surveys will help us to take the guesswork out of our communications,” Director of Community Education and Communications Kristen Stuenkel said. “Through the surveys, we will learn whether people prefer receiving an email, seeing a post on social media or reading about something in the local paper. We will also find out if we are providing enough information about key topics and issues.”

SCoPE questions revolve primarily around the district’s communication mechanisms, the effectiveness of communication in key areas of importance to each audience and whether communication is considered to be accurate, timely and trustworthy.

Participants can access the surveys on computers as well as most tablets and smartphones. The surveys are available in both English and Spanish, and participation is anonymous. Surveys are conducted online in a secure portal and take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Constituents have until Friday, Sept. 13, to participate. Because the reliability of the results increases as more community members take the survey, participation is important, the district says.

“We strongly encourage everyone to take the time to give us this extremely important feedback,” Stuenkel said.

Once the survey is complete, SCoPE provides reports of the results and an individualized review pointing to school communication program standards based on the district’s highest and lowest performing areas. This review helps the district identify opportunities to improve communications and prioritize next steps.

“In (Columbia Heights Public Schools), we agree that effective communication is essential to supporting our students’ success as well as our success as a school district,” Superintendent Kathy Kelly said. “We need to hear from our constituents on what is working and what is not, and we ask everyone to participate.”

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