Columbia Heights celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021 as an incorporated city. To help mark the occasion, city staff hosted a centennial calendar photo contest in 2020, with the winners chosen this fall.

The winning photographers’ images of Columbia Heights are featured prominently in the calendar alongside historical images of the city.

The winning photographers are Todd Kewatt, Mackenzie Krzmarzick, Leah Mahoney, MarKei Photo & Video, city of Columbia Heights staff, Matt Markham, Steven Nodgaard, Susan Plettner and Dave Rudolph.

The 12 photos for the calendar were selected anonymously by six judges from a group of 65 photos submitted to the 100th Anniversary Calendar Photo Contest. Judges scored the photos on a 50-point scale based on five criteria: city representation, overall aesthetic, technical proficiency, subject matter and originality and calendar appropriateness.

Photo contest judges were Margo Ashmore, publisher of the Northeaster Newspaper; Paige Kieffer, reporter with the Life newspaper; Wendy Maybury, professional photographer; Linda Maylish, Columbia Heights art teacher; Craig VanDerSchaegen, professional photographer; and Dennis Zerwas Jr, professional photographer.

Calendars can be purchased for $10 at Columbia Heights City Hall, 590 40th Ave. NE, Columbia Heights.

The commemorative calendar is just one way the city plans to celebrate its centennial, which is Wednesday, July 21. There will be a variety of celebratory festivities and activities throughout 2021. For more information, visit

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