A Cirque Italia Water Circus performer was injured during a 7:30 p.m. performance Aug. 30 at Northtown Mall in Blaine when her husband accidentally shot her with an arrow from a crossbow.

Hector Parazan, 30, accidentally shot his 28-year-old wife, Elizabeth Vizuet, in the neck while he was shooting arrows from a crossbow at three balloons placed around a circular target with Vizuet standing in the middle, according to Sarah Kessler with Cirque Italia Water Circus public relations.

After being shot, Vizuet quickly walked off the stage where she received help. The performance paused for intermission and circus officials informed the audience that Vizuet was being taken care of. The show continued after the intermission.

Vizuet was quickly transported to Hennepin County Medical Center where she had surgery to remove the arrow. Kessler said Vizuet was released from the hospital Aug. 31 and is recovering.

Kessler said that during the couple’s 10-year history of performing the act, Parazan had never missed the target until the Aug. 30 performance and Parazan thoroughly checks all his equipment before each performance.

Kessler said Cirque Italia is thoroughly investigating the cause of the accident but stressed these incidents are rare. The Blaine Police Department says it will not investigate the accident as a criminal case.

Vizuet and Parazan have temporarily suspended their act.

“The act is on hiatus not only for her injuries, but you have a loving husband who accidentally shoots his wife and you just can’t imagine what he’s feeling right now,” Kessler said. “Everyone is flying in and is just trying to help them. They’re a family and a team. When one person is down, someone else steps up to help.”

Cirque Italia Water Circus was at Northtown Mall in Blaine Aug. 29 through Sept. 2. This month, the company will be visiting Saint Paul, Duluth and Eau Claire and La Crosse, Wisconsin.



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