Allina Health’s third orthopedic robot is now in use at the Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus Joint Replacement Center.

The CORI Surgical System by Smith+Nephew provides cutting-edge technology for hip and knee joint replacements.

“This new surgical robot is another innovative tool that advances our joint replacement surgery services and helps our patients get back to their normal life faster and have a quality of life that is much improved from what they’ve been suffering from,” Kevin Lindgren, Allina Health Orthopedics surgeon said in a statement. “Studies on robot-assisted surgical procedures show quicker recoveries because they are less invasive, cause less soft tissue injury, and generally lead to an easier recovery than traditional manual joint replacement surgeries.”

Lindgren performed the first joint replacement with the CORI surgical robot on Nov. 4 at the Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus Joint Replacement Center.

Since then, he’s performed over a dozen more joint replacements with the device. In many cases, joint replacement surgeries are same-day procedures.

The CORI Surgical System joins two Stryker Mako surgical orthopedic robots already in use at the Allina Health WestHealth Surgery Center in Plymouth and Allina Health’s Buffalo Hospital. Allina Health chose to add the CORI Surgical System by Smith+Nephew to its lineup of orthopedic surgical robots in order not to commit to one platform or another.

“Our goals is to give surgeons an opportunity to explore the technology, determine how best it serves their needs and needs of their patients and then help support the expansion of their surgical options,” Dr. Christopher Macomber, chairman of the Allina Health Robotics Committee, said in a statement. “That way surgeons and clinically driven processes help to inform Allina Health for future decisions and ensure we are offering the best technology and outcomes to our patients.”

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