The next session of Vitality Arts classes at Rumriver Art Center in Anoka begins the week of Jan. 18. There are a variety of different mediums to choose from, including drawing, hand-built pottery, acrylic painting, wheel throwing and watercolor painting. All classes meet once a week for eight weeks. The classes are all virtual via Zoom, except for wheel throwing pottery, which will meet in-person at the art center. Registration is already open and is available by visiting or by calling 763-323-8830.

The Vitality Arts program is devoted to the transformative power of the arts and creativity, inspiring vitality in older adults. Classes are geared and designed to improve the health, well-being and renewed sense of purpose for adults ages 55 and older.


This drawing class is designed to both challenge and encourage participants through lessons that emphasize observation, practice and peer support. The instructor will present creative exercises for students that train the hand to record what the eyes see. Students will use pencil and more to create their work.

Hand-Built Pottery

In this clay class, participants will learn the basic hand-building techniques with clay. Each week they will be introduced to a new technique to build on what they learned the week before, which will give them a variety of ways to create with clay. In each class, the participants will create a clay creation as well as decorate it with under-glazes.

Acrylic Painting

In this class, students will challenge themselves to learn about the way light and placement of objects can be used to keep the viewer engaged in a painting. Each student will create their own painting using objects that have a special meaning to them. Students will all include a food item, a beverage and its container along with an appropriate heirloom.

The instructor will guide the students by demonstration and thoughtful criticism of placement and relationships between items.

Watercolor Painting

When you fall in love with watercolor, you start a journey into a world of vibrant color, a liquid flow of magic that looks both effortless and complex. And if a loose and fluid style is what you crave, it seems like it would be so easy! It doesn’t take long for most new painters to realize why watercolor has a reputation as “the hardest medium,” and this can often feel like a reason to give up. This virtual class is perfect for beginner or intermediate watercolor students.

Advanced Wheel Throwing Pottery

This is an advanced wheel throwing class. Students need to have taken beginning pottery and feel they have a good handle on centering the clay and making forms. Students will be exploring different forms in this class: lidded vessels, a teapot, a thrown box, combining two or more thrown pieces together to create a stacked form, as well as things to be challenged with.

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