Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officers looking for fishing violators found more than they bargained for as they boated past the riverbank of Wayside Park.

The officers spotted a man was sitting in a sling with his wrists and ankles tied to a tree in the Ramsey park May 10 shortly after 5 p.m.

The man was blindfolded, wearing jean shorts, a black do rag and had his genitals exposed.

Ramsey police officers were called in to search for the man, but he appeared to have left the area where they found the sling, which was in a “no trespassing” area of the park.

They later found the man, identified as Alan David Petrusson, Pillager, walking along the riverbank.

Although Petrusson claimed to have been just resting in the sling and that he did not realize he was exposed, police think he may have been there for anonymous sex, according to Ramsey Police Chief Jim Way.

“There is a lot of sexual activity in the park,” Way said.

Despite visits by police to the park daily and undercover operations twice a year, “there are always things going on in the park,” he said.

Most of the activity is male-on-male.

While having a man tie himself to a tree using slip knots is unusual, there have been incidents, which have included a man in his car, relaxing and enjoying a book being disturbed by a man reaching into his window and a local pastor who tried to get away from officers by jumping in the river, Way said.

There are daily occurrences in the park, he said.

If the department puts enough resources into the park, then the men move to a different area, Way said.

Petrusson was given a ticket for lewd conduct, a misdemeanor.

Tammy Sakry is at tammy.sakry@ecm-inc.com

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