A contract was awarded by the Anoka County Board May 28 for the highway department’s annual countywide road overlay program.

North Valley, Inc. was the lone bidder, with a bid of about $10 million, compared to the engineer’s estimate of roughly $9.6 million.

All 10 planned projects will go ahead even though the bid was some 5 percent over the estimate, according to Doug Fischer, county highway engineer and division manager for transportation.

Road segments to be improved include:

• 49th Avenue NE (County State Aid Highway 4) from University to Central avenues, Columbia Heights, mill and overlay, 0.76 miles.

• 49th Avenue NE (County Road 104) from University Avenue to Main Street in Fridley, mill and overlay, 0.236 miles.

• Lake George Boulevard NW (CSAH 9) from CSAH 22 to 217th Avenue NW in Oak Grove, reclamation and overlay, 1.62 miles.

• Cedar Drive (CSAH 13) from the railroad tracks to County Road 103 in Oak Grove, reclamation and overlay, 3.64 miles.

• Kettle River Boulevard (County Road 62) from Broadway Avenue to the east county line in Columbus, reclamation and overlay, 1.453 miles.

• Greenbrook Drive NE (County Road 68) from Crosstown to Viking boulevards in Ham Lake and East Bethel, reclamation and overlay, 2.75 miles.

• Northdale Boulevard (CSAH 11) from 600 feet west of Eagle Street to 600 feet west of the railroad tracks in Coon Rapids, mill and overlay, 0.72 miles.

• Main Street NE (CSAH 102) from 44th to University avenues in Columbia Heights, mill and overlay, 1.86 miles.

• Birch Street (CSAH 34) from Fawn Lane to Centerville Road in Lino Lakes, reclaim and overlay, 2.58 miles.

• Coon Rapids Boulevard (CSAH 3) from 200 feet west of the TH 47 ramp to 200 east of the east TH 47 ramp in Coon Rapids, mill and overlay, 0.15 miles.

According to Fischer, in mill and overlay the top 2 inches of pavement are removed and replaced by 2 inches of new surface, while in the reclamation and overlay process all the existing pavement is ground up and laid back down to create an aggregate base for 4 or more inches of hot mix to be placed, depending on the amount of traffic that uses the road.

In addition to a new road surface, the projects include fixing curb and gutter, manholes and catch basins as well as bringing pedestrian ramps up to Americans with Disability Act standards, Fischer said.

The county board May 28 also awarded a contract for the 2019 crack sealing program to the lowest of three bidders, Asphalt Surfacing Technologies Corp., for about $312,000, which was under the engineer’s estimate of $329,000.

Under the contract, crack sealing work will take place in Andover, Anoka, Blaine, Circle Pines, Columbia Heights, Columbus, Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Fridley, Ham Lake, Lino Lakes, Nowthen, Oak Grove, Ramsey and St. Francis.

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