The St. Francis High School class of 2022 graduated 290 students on Saturday, June 4 at the high’s school’s gym.

Senior class speaker Mikkel Paulson said that every group of high schoolers leaving childhood and entering the “real world” is told that they will be the ones to bring change to the world.

But how can they possibly make monumental reforms when facing deep political divisions, a (possible) global war and a worldwide pandemic, he pondered.

“How can we change all this when we can’t even turn our online assignments in on time,” Paulson said.

Paulson said it’s possible by banding together and lifting each other up to tackle what may seem like insurmountable obstacles.

“Cynicism is the greatest threat,” Paulson said. “I no longer have any doubt that we will not fail in the face of all these challenges.”

The St. Francis American Legion presented the colors. The St. Francis High School Madrigal Singers performed the national anthem.

Second class speaker Ellanora Guse focused her speech highlighting the class’s accomplishments such as pointing out the athletics teams’ many successes this year.

She said her only experience prior to entering high school was watching “High School Musical.”

“This was nothing like that,” Guse said.

She ended her speech asking for the one last chance for the group to break out in a large song and dance number. The request was met with expected silence.

Outgoing superintendent Beth Giese touted the group’s accomplishments. Giese is resigning from her leadership post on June 30.

Giese noted that many of the students can’t wait to leave the area, but she told them to never forget where they came from.

“Once a Saint, always a Saint, and I’m going to hold every single one of you to that,” Giese said.

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