Spring Lake Park School District fifth and sixth graders will perform the original fairy-tale comedy “And Justice for Pigs: Revenge of the Bad Guys” Dec. 5 and 6 at Spring Lake Park High School.

The story starts off as a typical day in court, but as the docket is revealed, it features no ordinary plaintiffs — the classic fairy tale bad guys, who are sick and tired of seeing their reputations dragged through the mud, have decided to fight back, suing all of the “goody two-shoes” for libel and defamation of character.

As the judge (Christella Tays) examines the cases, we learn that the Big Bad Wolf (Dalia Thornton-Fay) was, in fact, victimized by some bullying pigs including Bruiser Pig (Amelia Lane-Outlaw), Lippy Pig (Andrew Tellez), and Munchy Pig (Donna Rehder). Rumplestiltskin (Ryker Packey) was simply a guy with a knack for spinning who was exploited by a crafty young girl, and we all know that Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk, (Cooper Herzog) was a little thief.

The comedic musical is written and directed by Spring Lake Park Schools theater director Kevin Dutcher. The musical features six original songs, including “Monday Morning,” “Tell the Truth” and “Leader of the Pigs.”

“I like to write stories with a lot of fairy-tale and fantasy characters, because kids are familiar with the characters and they’ve already heard stories that involve them, so they’re immediately up to spread about where the characters come from,” Dutcher said. “It’s then fun to take those characters and put a spin on them that we’re not used to and that’s what this show does. It explores how the bad guys we know have gotten a bad rep and have been unfairly accused of doing bad stuff when the good guys are actually the ones causing trouble.”

The production includes a cast of over 40 students in fifth and sixth grade at Westwood Intermediate and Middle School in Blaine and the Lighthouse School in Spring Lake Park.

The cast also includes Jaleiya Williams (Mama Wolf), Sandia Kargbo (Witch Lorraine), Addelyn Rohrer (Tim the Giant), Adeline Wolfgang (Queen Jolene), Hayden Nelson (Captain Hook), Nola Thomas (Mr. Smee), Henry Brady (Hansel), Madeline Peterson (Gretel), Cecelia Tarnowski (Sleeping Beauty), Ella Oftos (Rapunzel), Milla Erickson (Rapunzel’s Mother), Justine Hartman (Jack’s Mother), Addison Sells (Princess Eugenia), Julia Nygaard (Snow White), Saya Sant (Princess Phyllis), Isabelle Stewart (Peter Pan), Alexandra Lach (Bailiff), Sophia Doffin (Prosecuting Attorney), Serington Jeans (Defense Attorney), Azaria Banks (Court Reporter), Kashiah Delarosa (Jury Foreman); Jesenia Valenzuela, Emily Youngblom, Isabelle Keller, Kylie Reimann, Grace Reynolds, Addison Rasmussen, Melina Balousek and Clara Berendes (Jury); and Abigail Hink, Alice Goya, Chase Brank, Josephine Brewington, Logan Sellman, Olivia Brandt, Paige Post, Savannah Mortensen, Sophia Dischinger and Sophia Wolfe (Pirates).

“These are young, but really talented performers and it’s exciting to see them as eager actors starting out,” Dutcher said. “By the time these students get to Spring Lake Park High School they’ll be ruling the theater. They’re amazing and the future for our theater program is very bright.“

Sandia Kargbo plays Witch Lorraine, which is a compilation character of the witches Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” the witch from “Hansel and Gretel” and Gothel from “Rapunzel.” Kargbo said Witch Lorraine is a very misunderstood character.

“Witch Lorraine always tries to do the right thing, but the good guys keep stopping her from fulfilling her dreams,” she said.

Cooper Herzog plays Jack, of Jack and the Beanstalk, whom he describes as being “very creative, but he’s not always smart.” In the musical, Jack is sued by Tim the Giant (Addelyn Rohrer) for stealing his pig.

“Audiences are going to love this show,” Herzog said. “This musical has a lot of humor and the fairy tales are very different from what people remember.”

To learn more about “And Justice for Pigs: Revenge of the Bad Guys,” visit bit.ly/2OiAVk8.


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