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From left, Chad Werner and Charles Andrews carry a wrapped couch into a trailer for Two Men and a Truck Sept. 8. (Photo by Connor Cummiskey)

The city of Ramsey welcomed a moving business over the summer.

Two Men and a Truck expanded to Ramsey with a new storage facility on the west side of town.

“We needed a better storage facility, and Ramsey’s a great area – there’s a lot of growth going on up there,” franchisee Nick Bailey said.

In Ramsey, Bailey found a perfectly sized space across the metro from his other major storage facility. He’s been able to start doing business out of the Ramsey facility since essentially day one, Bailey said.

Two Men and a Truck uses storage facilities, like the one in Ramsey, to hold onto customers’ items when it’s not feasible to move them directly into a new home.

“We want, as much as possible, to be able to accommodate our customers for whatever they might need,” Bailey said. “That’s going to be storage, there’s other things, like junk removal – anything that can be associated with transferring from one place to another – we want to be able to handle that all in one call.”

The new location means Bailey’s employees won’t have to travel across the metro when doing business around Ramsey.

The ultimate goal for Bailey is to expand toward St. Cloud and into a region that stretches from that city to the Wisconsin border, Bailey said.

Bailey has operated franchises for about 20 years, opening his first location in Burnsville in 1999, he said.

When a customer calls the company, they will discuss the basic details, including the destination and volume of items to be moved. Two Men and a Truck also offers in-house estimates, junk removal and tips to make the move go smoother.

“Our primary goal here is to make this incredibly stressful event in people’s lives as stress free as possible,” Bailey said.

Business-wise, the coronavirus has not hurt Bailey’s operations too much. For the most part, the pandemic delayed the beginning of Bailey’s busy season, but a lot of work was waiting to get done, he said.

“It’s been extremely busy over the last few months,” Bailey said.

“We’re looking forward to building this location out, building this territory out, and growing with Ramsey,” Bailey said.

For more information call 763-200-5729.


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