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The Ramsey City Council awarded a contract to North Valley Inc., of Nowthen, May 25 for reconstruction on Tiger Street.

A Ramsey street reconstruction project came in nearly $100,000 under projected costs after indirect costs are factored in.

The city will reconstruct Tiger Street between Armstrong Boulevard and 173rd Avenue this year. The stretch of Tiger Street, constructed in 1991, spans 2,200 feet. Tiger Street has had two seal coats and an overlay since, City Engineer Bruce Westby said.

The City Council awarded a contract to North Valley Inc., of Nowthen, for $224,552.19 on May 25. The city received 11 bids. With indirect administrative, engineering, finance and legal costs, the project comes to $276,199.19 — $96,208.53 under the engineer’s estimate.

Indirect costs include $4,564 to Chosen Valley Testing, Inc., to prepare the geotechnical exploration and engineering review and $2,680 to Bolton & Menk, Inc., to collect a topographic survey, Westby said.

Project funding comes from the city’s pavement management fund.

Traffic ranges from about 399 to 573 vehicles a day, which is considered low volume, Westby said.

The road will be reconstructed to have a 10-ton pavement design strength, meaning the bituminous pavement will be 4 inches thick and the aggregate base will be 6 inches.

The city is doing a 10-ton pavement design, compared to the typical 5-ton, so the street can be added to the city’s Municipal State Aid Street system. The state Department of Transportation requires state aid roads to be reconstructed to 10-ton strength. This will cost $28,000, coming in under the $42,000 estimate.

Nine properties have direct access to Tiger Street, Westby said.

“I think this is a good project,” said Council Member Debra Musgrove, who moved to approve the contract.

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