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A recent photo taken of Kathy and Chuck Rosenow. Chuck survived a heart attack in March and is doing well with his pacemaker and light rehabilitation.

An act of caution turned into te saving of a life in Ramsey, and both parties want the unique incident to be a reminder of the importance of being a good neighbor. They also hope it will encourage others to receive CPR training.

Chuck Rosenow, 59, of Ramsey, was on a bicycle ride along Ramsey Boulevard the afternoon of March 26. He went into cardiac arrest while on the bike and began to wobble, eventually falling off the bike.

While Rosenow was wobbling, a car slowed on the road next to him in case something was wrong. Driving that car was Bryan Carlson, 46, of Andover, taking his son home from soccer practice at Adrenaline Sport Complex in Ramsey.

“That day I decided to take a different route home instead of my normal route,” Carlson said.

It was a good thing he did.

“Initially, I thought Chuck was going to swerve into my lane of traffic as he was zigzagging a bit before he fell on the shoulder of the road,” Carlson explained. “There was no thinking about not stopping.”

Carlson saw Rosenow fall, got out of the car and ran to him. Another witness standing nearby, who was a nurse, began CPR while first responders were summoned. They reached the scene within five minutes.

Rosenow’s wife, Kathy, was driving home from work when she received a call from Rosenow’s phone. On the other end was the doctor at the hospital telling her what had happened.

“Chuck had no serious medical history,” Kathy said. “This was a lightning in a bottle situation.”

Chuck Rosenow received a pacemaker and is now doing part time rehab. Kathy said the best news was that he had no brain damage. Now she hopes the incident from March can motivate the community to receive CPR certification and be willing to help out should a similar situation arise.

“It all started with Bryan,” Kathy said. “It’s about being a good neighbor.”

Carlson feels the same way. “We as a community need to work together,” he said. “This could happen to anyone, and it could be your family member.

“I am so thankful that Chuck’s wife and daughter got their husband and dad back and can have many more happy times together.”

Three months later, everyone involved is safe and more prepared for possible emergencies like this one.


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