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The city of Coon Rapids will install a traffic signal on Northdale Boulevard at the driveway near Menards, Famous Dave’s and McDonald’s. The star shows the approximate location.

To mitigate traffic congestion, Coon Rapids will install a traffic signal and crosswalks at Northdale Boulevard and the driveway to McDonald’s, Famous Dave’s, Menards and Costco.

“We are starting to work on those plans now and looking to construct this year,” Public Works Director Tim Himmer told the City Council Feb. 4.

A lot of traffic comes and goes in the area due to the popular businesses surrounding the intersection. Those drivers are only directed by a stop sign, making it difficult at times to turn in either direction on Northdale Boulevard when it’s busy.

“I think the shoppers will appreciate better movement around there,” Council Member Jennifer Geisler said. “And our police department will appreciate, hopefully, fewer fender benders at that location, as well as our fire department with any injuries at that location. So, it’s a positive move.”

Mayor Jerry Koch agreed.

“I’ll just appreciate coming out of Costco and not have to wait for people making a left,” Koch said.

As part of Famous Dave’s future demolition and the building of a multi-tenant commercial space, the developer agreed to share cost for the construction of a traffic signal at that intersection due to the estimated increase in traffic.

The developer is responsible for up to half the costs associated with the traffic signal, as well as crosswalk improvements and a northbound right-turn lane at the shared driveway. The developer’s half, about $430,000, was reduced when the other neighboring businesses agreeing to split the costs.

Now the developer’s share could amount to about $322,000. The city will pay the remaining half of the costs.

The other businesses ⁠affected by the expected traffic — Costco, McDonald’s and Menards ⁠— signed agreements to share the cost, which were approved by the City Council Feb. 4.

Costco and McDonald’s agreed to pay 5% of the project’s costs, with a cap of $21,500. Menards agreed to 15%, not to exceed $64,500.

The city is responsible for engineering, designing and constructing the traffic signal, per development agreements.


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C Palmer

How will this light impact the light at Main, seeing they will be so close together?

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