From left, Rachel Ghide (Dormouse), Isaac Andrezjek (March Hare), Reya Hadsall (Cheshire Cat), Keegan Evans (Mad Hatter) and Madeline Gams (Alice) rehearse a scene from “Off With their Heads” April 22 at Epiphany Catholic School in Coon Rapids.

Visit Wonderland with Epiphany Catholic School in the original production of “Off With Their Heads” May 3-4 in Coon Rapids.

“Off With Their Heads” is an original adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

Director Lauri Wilkie adapted the story into a play over 30 years ago, and it was last performed at Epiphany Catholic School in 2007.

In the production, Alice’s (Madeline Gams) life gets turned upside down when she follows the White Rabbit (Joie Gaustad) down a hole into the world of Wonderland.

There she meets magical and unique characters such as the Mad Hatter (Keegan Evans), March Hare (Isaac Andrezjek), Dormouse (Rachel Ghide), Cheshire Cat (Reya Hadsall), the Caterpillar (Simon Kerkes), Tweedle Dee (Julianne Peichel), Tweedle Dum (Jake Vogel) and the villainous Queen (Catherine Schie).

Alice searches for a way home as she tries to escape the topsy-turvy world.

“This story really teaches kids to be true to who they are even in a wacky world like Wonderland,” Wilkie said.

According to Wilkie, “Off With Their Heads” is unique because it has more characters and new scenes in the story.

“It’s a classic tale, but ‘Off With Their Heads’ really shows audiences a whole new side to Wonderland that they’ve never seen before,” said Catherine Schie (Queen).

The cast includes more than 142 students in kindergarten through eight grade. Parents and school staff are also helping with the production as well as alumni who are returning to help out as crew for the show.

“Our theater is really community based, and it takes a village to make this possible,” Wilkie said. “Having such a large cast and crew really teaches the students about teamwork and the value or working together to achieve a goal.”

Students said they enjoyed using their imagination to create the world of Wonderland.

“Everything is so silly and weird in this show, and it’s so much fun to be in this story,” said Madeline Gams (Alice).

“You get to find your crazy side in the crazy world of Wonderland,” added Keegan Evans (Mad Hatter).

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