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Karina Kpahn

Karina Kpahn, of Coon Rapids, has been selected to represent 4-H in Minnesota and work with thousands of people from across the state.

Karina, whose parents are Sam Kpahn and Jennifer Brown, is one of 31 youth selected to serve as Minnesota 4-H state ambassadors.

State ambassadors are the youth leaders and spokespeople for Minnesota 4-H. Being selected as a state ambassador is one of the highest honors a 4-H member can achieve. Karina is entering her senior year at Coon Rapids High School, where she is involved in 4-H Youth Teaching Youth, HOSA, and Educators Rising.

“My goals are to get more involved in 4-H and learn more about project areas I’m not exposed to at Coon Rapid,” Karina said in a statement.

Throughout this year, the 4-H state ambassador team will dedicate many hours to organizing, planning and facilitating 4-H activities and events throughout the state. This includes supporting 2020 Minnesota 4-H state showcases, coordinating and facilitating statewide leadership events and sharing their 4-H story with the general public at businesses, industry associations, schools and community groups.

To learn more about the 4-H state ambassadors, visit z.umn.edu/4-h-state-ambies or contact Meg Clark, State Ambassador Coordinator, at mn4h-stateambieadvisors@umn.edu.

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